Liste des musiques saison 1

Saison 1 :

 Episode pilot :

"Hey Pretty Girl"    BoDeans
"As I Lay Me Down"    Sophie B. Hawkins
"Tubthumping"    Chumbawamba
"Mercy Me"    Say-So
"Good Mother"    Jann Arden
"I'll Stand By You"    The Pretenders

 Episode 1 : Dance :

"Am I Cool"    Nowhere Blossoms
"Flames Of Truth"    Sarah Masen
"I Want You"    Savage Garden
"Happiness"    Abra Moore
"Ooh Ahh...Just A Little Bit"    Gina G
"Pretty Strange"    Paul Chiten
"Apple"    The Autumns
"But You"    Paul Chiten
"You Don't Know Me"    Jann Arden

 Episode 2 : Kiss :

"First Time"    Billie Myers
"Kingdom"    The Slugs
"Too Many Times"    Wake Ooloo
"The Right Place"    Eddi Reader
"Pretty Deep"    Tanya Donelly
"All I Want"    Toad The Wet Sprocket
"I'll Remember You"    Sophie Zelmani
"What Would Happen"    Meredith Brooks

 Episode 3 : Discovery :

"Beautiful Thing"    Kyf Brewer
"Top Of Morning"    The Hang Ups
"I Know"    Barenaked Ladies
"Amnesia"    Toad The Wet Sprocket
"World Outside"    The Devlins
"That's What Love Can Do"    Tom Snow
"Stand By Me"    Say-So
"Full Of Grace"    Sarah McLachlan

 Episode 4 : Hurricane :

"Healing Hands"    Marc Cohn
"It's The End Of The World..."    R.E.M.

 Episode 5 : Baby :

"Sitting On Top Of The World"    Amanda Marshall
"Insecuriosity"    Andrew Dorff
"All I Want"    Susanna Hoffs
"Seven Shades Of Blue"    Beth Nielsen Chapman

 Episode 6 : Detention :

"Stupid"    Chickenpox
"Saturday"    Colony
"A Lot Like You"    Colony
"Grace"    Michelle Malone
"Will Tomorrow Ever Come"    Dance Hall Crashers

 Episode 7 : Boyfriend :

"We'll Get Through"    The Slugs
"Being Right"    Cush
"Dammit"    Blink-182
"Elegantly Wasted"    INXS
"Green Apples"    Chantal Kreviazuk
"Evaporated"    Ben Folds Five

 Episode 8 : Road Trip :

"Truly, Madly, Deeply"    Savage Garden
"Touch, Peel & Stand"    Days Of The New
"We Are The Supercool"    Space Monkeys
"Requiem For A Lightweight"    The Slugs
"Your Pleasure's Mine"    Super Deluxe
"Carry Me"    Boom Hank
"I'm Not Sleeping"    Nowhere Blossoms
"Nashville"    Judge Nothing
"The Step Inside"    Sounder
"Monkey Mind"    Judge Nothing
"Right Today"    Swerve
"Thinking Out Loud"    Ron Sexsmith

 Episode 9 : Double Date :

"Come Back"    Vaporhead
"She"    Louie Says
"What's Going On"    Leslie King/Shelby Craft
"I'm The Only One"    Melissa Etheridge
"Hangin' By A Thread"    Jann Arden
"She's The One"    World Party
"(I Wanna Be) Your Underwear"    Bryan Adams

 Episode 10 : The Scare :

"Nobody Cares"    Vaporhead
"Will U Drive Me?"    The Rosenbergs
"Do You Dream?"    Mary Thornton/Adam Castillo
"Temptation"    The Tea Party

 Episode 11 : Beauty Contest :

"Small Town Trap"    Eve 6
"Girl With All The Goodbyes"    Susan Sandberg
"Pretty Face"    Chickenpox
"Fall From Grace"    Amanda Marshall
"Superman"    Goldfinger
"On My Own"    Katie Holmes
"Surrounded"    Chantal Kreviazuk

 Episode 12 : Decisions :

"What Do You Do?"    Dog's Eye View
"Angel"    Sarah McLachlan
"I'll Be"    Edwin McCain
"Broken Road"    Melodie Crittenden
"Say Goodnight"    Beth Nielsen Chapman



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