Liste des épisodes saison 3

Saison 3 :


Episode #301:   "Like A Virgin"
"Old Time Rock & Roll"    Bob Seger
"Who's Who"    The Pretenders
"Sleep Together"    Garbage
"Dead Again"    Buckcherry
"Let Us Sing"    Tricky Woo
"Push It"    Garbage
"Hold On"    Mary Beth

Episode #302:   "Homecoming"
"Bodyrock"    Moby
"Days & Days"    The Nines
"On Wisconsin"    Capeside High Marching Band
"Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)"    Capeside High Marching Band
"Time After Time"    Tuck & Patti

Episode #303:   "None Of The Above"
"Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)"    Nine Days
"Swaying"    Train
"Speak Of The Devil"    Chris Isaak
"You Won't See Me Cry"    Sue Medley
"From My Head To My Heart"    Evan and Jaron

Episode #304:   "Home Movies"
"Static"    Bleach
"Break The Chain"    Sue Medley
"I'm Sorry Now"    Jude
"Go To War"    Mad Lion
"Man With A Hex"    Atomic Fireballs
"I Do"    Jude

Episode #305:   "Indian Summer"
"Before You"    Chantal Kreviazuk
"Swim"    Madonna

Episode #306:   "Secrets and Lies"
"Shout"    Meredith Brooks
"Get Me Through December"    Natalie MacMaster
"Concerto #1 in G Major"    Johann Ludwig Krebs
"It's Raining Men"    The Weather Girls
"Super Good Feeling"    Bleach
"Eve"    Chantal Kreviazuk

Episode #307:   "Escape From Witch Island"
"Puzzle Girl"    Kim Stockwood
"Gone"    The Tea Party
"If"    Dragmatic

Episode #308:   "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"
"Beginner's Luck"    Ariel's Worm
"America"    Bree Sharp
"Better Than Anyone"    Mary Beth
"17 Again"    Eurythmics
"Getting Over You"    Janis Ian
"That I Would Be Good"    Alanis Morissette

Episode #309:   "Four To Tango"
"World You Want"    Violin Road
"Hateful"    Peter Searcy
"Dear Heart"    Henry Mancini
"Me, Myself, and I"    Vitamin C
"Walking In The Rain"    Unknown Artist
"So In Love"    Unknown Artist
"Knock It On The Head"    Wood
"Stay You"    Wood

Episode #310:   "First Encounters Of The Close Kind"
"Kate"    Ben Folds Five
"Mrs. Potter's Lullaby"    Counting Crows
"Run Into You"    Last December
"Never Ending"    Wood

Episode #311:   "Barefoot At Capefest"
"No Chance"    Little Jinn
"The Frug"    Rilo Kiley
"Finally Found You"    Weekend Excursion
"85"    Rilo Kiley
"No Surrender"    Henry
"Better Off"    Pete Stewart
"Scared Of Me"    Channeling Owen
"DeCapo"    Declan Nine
"Angels In The Attic"    Debra Davis
"Imagine"    John Lennon

Episode #312:   "A Weekend In The Country"
"Starmaker"    Julie Plug
"Fear"    Bryan Kelley
"Getting By"    Weekend Excursion
"Will You Ever Know"    Kind Of Blue
"Ain't Too Proud To Beg"    Temptations
"Absence Of An Angel"    Pancho's Lament
"Promise Me This"    Pancho's Lament
"Both Sides Now"    Joni Mitchell

Episode #313:   "Northern Lights"
"Affirmation"    Savage Garden
"No Regrets"    Sue Medley
"Get On The Bus"    Pancho's Lament
"Even Now"    Trina Hamlin
"What Can Never Be"    Sinead Lohan

Episode #314:   "The Valentine's Day Massacre"
"Passion"    Patria
"Real World"    Universal Honey
"Charming The Gods"    Bryan Kelley
"Bad Girl"    DJ Rap
"Taste Test"    Beanbag
"What Can I Say"    Julie Plug
"Point #1"    Chevelle
"The Way Things Used To Be"    Debra Davis
"Never Be The Same"    Susan Aglukark

Episode #315:   "Crime And Punishment"
"Believe Again"    Susan Aglukark
"Devoted"    Julie Plug
"Flower Days"    Trina Hamlin
"One Turn Deserves Another"    Susan Aglukark

Episode #316:   "To Green, With Love"
"Better Off"    Pete Stewart
"Two Beds And A Coffee Machine"    Savage Garden
"Tracks Of My Tears"    Mary Beth
"That Lonesome Road"    James Taylor

Episode #317:   "Cinderella Story"
"Gone"    Sue Medley
"I Can't Try Hard Enough"    Dag Juhlin
"The Answer"    Brooke Ramel
"Dry Land"    Tara McLean
"I Know"    Kind Of Blue
"Settling"    Tara McLean

Episode #318:   "Neverland"
"In My Life"    Trina Hamlin
"Give Me A Reason"    Mission Delores
"Anything"    Brooke Ramel
"Even Now"    Trina Hamlin
"If You Leave"    Last December
"I'll Stay Right Here (Moments)"    Eli
"Chosen Family"    Leona Naess
"Go Be Young"    Edwin McCain

Episode #319:   "Stolen Kisses"
"Walking In My Sleep"    Better Days
"Wild Thing"    X
"One And Only"    Better Days
"Goodnight Moon"    Shivaree
"Louie, Louie"    Joey, Pacey, Will, Andie
"Ooh, Child"    Andie
"Wild Thing"    Pacey
"Daydream Believer"    Dawson and Joey
"Idiot Waltz"    Shivaree
"Daydream Believer"    Mary Beth

Episode #320:   "The Longest Day"
"Matter Of Time"    Jennifer Parsignault
"Thank You"    Dido
"Miss Fortune"    Eagle-Eye Cherry
"Mend"    Jann Arden
"In Your Keeping"    Jann Arden

Episode #321:   "Show Me Love"
"Fiction"    Nik Kershaw
"Sunday Morning"    Better Days
"Somewhere In New Mexico"    Jill Sobule
"Crush'em"    Megadeth
"Let That Be Enough"    Switchfoot
"Hazel"    Troy Young Campbell
"Music To My Ears"    Jenny Bruce

Episode #322:   "The Anti-Prom"
"In Every Corner"    Julie Plug
"This Misery"    Wild Colonials
"London Rain"    Heather Nova
"It's Not Unusual"    Wild Colonials
"Foresight"    Granian
"I Believe"    Kind Of Blue
"Mistakes I Made"    Fran Lucci
"My Invitation"    Sarah Slean
"Little Things"    Chantal Kreviazuk

Episode #323:   "True Love"
"Jealous"    Sinead O'Connor
"Sleepless"    Jann Arden
"The Riverside"    Jessica Andrews
"Promise Me This"    Pancho's Lament
"Days Like These"    Janis Ian
"Walking In My Sleep"    Better Days
"I Will Be There For You"    Jessica Andrews

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